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If you have been the victim of an accident and have suffered personal injuries due to the negligence of others, you deserve to work with experienced attorneys.

If you are Hispanic or Latino and prefer to communicate in Spanish, it’s even more important to find a personal injury lawyer who deeply understands you, your family, and all the intricacies of your case.

Spanish-Speaking Attorneys

If the legal team who is working with you doesn’t speak your language and you struggle to get on the same page as them, the outcome of your case is sure to be affected.

You’re entitled to an experienced legal team who can fight to attain the justice and compensation that you deserve. The legal professionals at Tus Abogados Locales can help in every step of the process. Contact us today.

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This is why Tus Abogados Locales possesses a full Spanish-speaking staff with whom you will interact through every step of the process. This fact will avoid many of the issues that can arise when you don’t hire a Spanish-speaking lawyer.

Some of the most common issues seen between clients and attorneys who aren’t on the same page include:

  • Trust is not established among both parties
  • Communication is not smooth
  • Confusion with regards to your case
  • A poor overall experience

As you can imagine, any kind of issue that arises when building a case can only be detrimental to the victim and their chances of achieving maximum compensation.

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Why Should I Find A Spanish-Speaking Lawyer?

If you and your family communicate with each other in Spanish, you will want to find a personal injury attorney with whom you can speak in the same manner. The attorney that you choose to work with will get to know you, your family, and your case very closely. If you are not able to communicate all of the critical details of your case in your native language, there may be important information overlooked.

Establishing Trust With Your Personal Injury Lawyer

There is an important component of the relationship between yourself and your accident attorney. If you are not able to understand clearly what they are saying, you will have a hard time believing that they are acting in your best interest. Similarly, if the lawyer or team of lawyers that you choose cannot understand you completely, then their ability to represent you will be impaired.

The team at Tus Abogados Locales specializes in many types of personal injury cases, including medical negligence. In these types of situations, the victims and their families have a strong feeling of their trust being violated, and rightly so. They chose to put their trust in the hands of a medical professional, expecting to receive the highest standard of care. Instead, they were made victims.

These cases include erroneous diagnosis, incorrect prescriptions, surgical mistakes, and many more. In situations such as these where every detail counts, it’s important for you to trust that your attorney is doing everything in their power to help you and your family. If you are a Spanish-speaker looking for legal representation who also speaks Spanish, you can trust that the team at Tus Abogados Locales will satisfy all of your needs.

Communicating With Your Spanish-Speaking Personal Injury Attorney

The job of a personal injury attorney is one that, as most of us understand, can be very complex. Included in this complexity is the fact that simple details can change the nature of a case significantly. When you are able to speak in your native language with your lawyer, they are able to understand much more than just the words that you are saying.

When translating speech across languages, it’s very easy for nuances to become “lost in translation”. The particular context and way of speaking that you use will communicate a lot to your attorney. If they are not able to understand your point of view directly, then it is almost guaranteed that important distinctions will be missed.

In car accidents where a personal injury lawyer is called upon, the details of the scene are incredibly important. These details are what will help build your case and help to get you the compensation you deserve. If you were involved in one of these accidents, after ensuring your own well-being, you should try to contact a personal injury attorney. The attorney will want to collect as much evidence as possible from the scene, as it will be important for building your case in court. They will also be important when facing insurance companies and submitting claims.

In motorcycle accidents, where it must be proven that the bike driver was doing so in a correct manner, the details are even more important. If you are attempting to communicate the urgent aspects of the scene with your attorney, and they are only able to understand vaguely, you will have a hard time bringing a strong case forward in court.

Spanish-Speaking Attorneys Can Avoid Confusion And Provide Better Representation

As we have mentioned on this page, trust and communication are key pillars of the relationship between and attorney and their legal team. In the same manner, these are also integral pillars in the relationship between the attorney and the victim that they are representing.

Surely you’ve had to speak with someone who didn’t speak the same language as you, or they did so at a very basic level. You remember how difficult it was to get a point across, and how difficult it was for you to understand them as well. You probably also attempted to use hand motions to signal what you were trying to say, while still ending completely disoriented.

Unfortunately, there is no worse situation to exist between an attorney and their client than the one mentioned above. Any kind of confusion will always work to the detriment of the case, and therefore the victim. When speaking in legal terms, just “okay” or “good enough” will never perform well in the courtroom. If the line of communication and understanding between yourself and your personal injury lawyer is just “okay”, then you are not receiving the representation that you deserve, and you should look elsewhere.

By staffing Spanish-speakers, Tus Abogados Locales ensures that there is no confusion. We also ensure that you understand where we stand because we are able to explain every single step of the process, the potential outcomes, and what that would mean for you and your family.

Personal Injury Attorneys Serving the Spanish-Speaking Communities Throughout the East Coast

The team of personal injury attorneys of Tus Abogados Locales is proud to serve victims across PA, DE, MD, DC, NY, and NJ in many different types of cases, including:

  • Car Accidents
  • Trucking Accidents
  • Construction Accidents
  • Dog Bites
  • Medical Negligence
  • Nursing Home Abuse
  • Slip and Fall
  • and many more

Our attorneys are always available for free consults. Contact us by phone or fill out the form found on this page.

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